International Mentoring Center


Connect, Contribute, and Grow as a Volunteer at IMC 

IMC offers unique volunteer opportunities within its mentoring community. Volunteering can deepen your connection with your community and give you a chance to give back through mentoring. 

Benefits of Volunteering with IMC

Volunteers can extend their reach into the community and help enrich it. As a volunteer, you also get the opportunity to act as a representative for setting the highest global standards in mentoring. IMC supports diverse communities and hopes to help uplift every part of the community through the transformative power of mentoring. Your contributions and mindset can help us extend our reach to diverse communities and open opportunities for them.

Strengthen Community Ties

Contributing to the community can deepen your bond. Your contribution will create a network of support that will promote diversity.

Represent Excellence

By volunteering with us, you take on the role of IMC’s public face within the community and uphold the highest international standards in mentoring.

Encourage Inclusion and Diversity

Through your involvement, IMC can support people from all backgrounds and ensure everyone can access high-quality mentoring experiences.

Personal and Professional Growth

Volunteering at IMC offers skills improvement and leadership opportunities, grows your network, and meet like-minded people.

Leadership and Influence

Leadership roles within projects and initiatives enhance your ability to lead and influence others.

Influence Policies

You can also contribute to shaping the policies and practices of IMC, directly impacting its approach to mentorship and community support.

How to Get Involved with IMC

Are you a passionate individual eager to make a difference? Whether you are skilled in mentoring, administration, or simply desire to help, there’s a place for you at IMC. We value diversity and encourage volunteers from all walks of life to join us.

Become a

Enlighten people all over the globe about your experiences, thoughts, and knowledge of mentoring. Lead engaging webinars on approved mentoring topics to inspire and educate.

Host an
IMC Event

Take the initiative to host community-building events organized by IMC. Be part of events that can impact and engage the mentoring community.

Initiate a
Local Chapter

As a chapter leader, you will be at the forefront of providing the opportunity to interact, share knowledge, and develop in your community.

for Research

Help us deepen our understanding of mentoring through research. Your efforts could result in discoveries, revelations, and essential additions to our body of knowledge.


Use your experience to write whitepapers that inform, instruct, and inspire our community. Your publications will be an invaluable asset for experts everywhere.

Offer Youth

Get involved with the next generation by giving them guidance, mentoring, and assistance. Invest your time with the decision-makers of tomorrow to help shift the future.

Create a
Social Impact

Enable social good to impact society positively. You can significantly impact and motivate by volunteering your mentoring skills.

an Initiative

Do you have a suggestion for improving our community? Did we miss out on any initiatives that can help the community? Share your thoughts with us.


Recognize excellence and nominate a fellow volunteer who has significantly impacted. Celebrate the contributions that make a difference in our community.

Volunteer with IMC

Are you interested in creating an impact through mentoring? Do you want to nominate someone amazing as a volunteer? Get in touch with us now.