International Mentoring Center


Recognize the Extraordinary Among Us

Some extraordinary mentors and leaders make a difference in the world daily. Their contributions to the community deserve recognition, and IMC Honorary Credentials are herr to showcase them.

Who can you Nominate for Honorary Credentials?

Many mentors have contributed to the community through their established work and mentoring skills. The positive impact they have created in the community deserves recognition, and IMC has set honorary credentials to ensure that their extraordinary skills in the field of mentoring are acknowledged.

An application for an honorary credential can be submitted through a nomination from another individual who also acknowledges the candidate’s worthiness for the credential. The application can also be self-nominated by the individual.

How can you Nominate for an Honorary Credential?

You can request an application from the website. Once you receive the email with further details, you can either nominate yourself or another established mentor. While sending the nomination, the following details must be provided:

  • Details of the awardee
    • Name
    • Email
    • Contact number 
    • City
    • Country
  • Evidence of Mentoring Contribution 

You will receive an email with the application confirmation. After that, IMC will review the evidence and details submitted and determine the credentials that can be awarded to the nominee.

Want to Nominate a Mentor?

Nominate a mentor that you think deserves a credential for their outstanding work and impact.