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 Are you looking to be a part of a global platform?

 Are you looking to join an international community of mentors?

 Are you looking for credibility for your practice and to demonstrate global standards of professional mentoring?

Join IMC to get access to this and more. International Mentoring Center (IMC) is your destination for all things mentoring. We have a global community that brings to you mentoring ideas from around the world. This helps you expand your mentor network and advance your mentoring skills and career.

Being a part of IMC goes beyond being a part of the international standards. You get access to various content that can guide you to your mentoring goal. IMC provides its members access to many resources, like templates, books, and research papers, to help make your mentoring as effective and impactful as possible for you. You also get access to books, blogs, and videos from other mentors to help widen your knowledge and horizons. 

Become an IMC member to expand your mentoring network and create a local and international impact.

Mentoring -
An Essential Skill

Mentoring plays an essential part in today’s professional world. A study by Express Employment Professionals mentions that 83% of hiring managers feel that mentoring programs are essential in reducing “brain drain.” Mentoring allows you to learn, grow, and impact a community through mentoring.

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Membership Benefits

Elevate your visibility through the IMC Mentor Directory and IMC website. The directory will help you gain recognition and better exposure in the mentoring industry. Being featured as an IMC mentor highlights your expertise and achievements and makes you stand out to your future mentees and fellow professionals.

Transform your IMC profile to highlight your professional mentoring experiences. Incorporate informative videos to highlight your mentoring approach, link your social media accounts to keep connected, promote future events you’re involved in, and much more to establish a comprehensive and interactive online presence.

Being a proud IMC member means getting official access to use the IMC Member badge on all your profiles. You can showcase your dedication to mentoring and credibility as a mentor by displaying the IMC Member logo on your website, business cards, email, blog, and other promotional materials. 

As a member at IMC, you have the opportunity to earn digital badges that illustrate your commitment to a global community of professional mentors. These badges further signify that you affirm and apply the only global professional standards for mentoring practice, including IMC’s Values, Core Competencies, and Code of Ethics and Conduct.

As a valued part of the IMC community, you will enjoy exclusive benefits, including discounts on IMC credentials or accreditation applications. These can push your professional development forward. You will receive complimentary access to all IMC events, providing unparalleled networking and learning opportunities.

Enable seamless communication between you and your mentee by allowing them to connect directly with you through your IMC profile. By providing unlimited chats for you, we hope it opens a line of communication that fosters more effortless engagement, quicker consultations, and a more efficient mentoring process.

You can opt to take an active role in shaping the future of mentoring by joining the leadership team or the board at your local IMC chapter. This opportunity allows you to contribute your insights, drive initiatives, and make a lasting impact within your regional mentoring community. 

Showcase your thought leadership and expertise by highlighting your publications on the IMC website. Whether the publication is an ebook, audiobook, research paper, podcast, or blog, sharing your work enriches the community’s knowledge base and establishes your authority in the field.

Contribute to our blog column, a platform where you can share insights, experiences, and best practices related to mentoring. Writing for the blog amplifies your voice in the mentoring community and allows you to engage with a broader audience, spark discussions, and inspire others.

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Accredited Training Center Membership - IMC

Accredited Training Center Membership

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