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Establish your mentoring expertise by becoming a Certified Master Mentor with IMC. Stand one step ahead by seizing the opportunity to boost your credibility and validity. 

Why get a Certified Master Mentor (CMM) Credential?

At the International Mentoring Center (IMC), we have set the highest benchmarks in mentoring to align mentoring practices and mentors with international standards. Our commitment to these standards guarantees that holding an IMC Credential authenticates your professional credibility and distinguishes you from colleagues by validating your experience. Partnering with IMC awards a mark of distinction and showcases your dedication to mentoring excellence and adherence to the highest mentoring standards internationally.

Certified Master Mentor (CMM) - International Mentoring Center

Who is Eligible to Be a Certified Master Mentor?

To become a Certified Master Mentor, you must have completed the following requirements

Mentoring Training:

To be eligible for the IMC-CMM credentials, applicants must complete the training requirements with an IMC-Accredited Training Center, an Endorsed Training Provider, or a Non-Accredited Training Center. They must document completing at least 50 hours of a mentoring training program that the center has delivered as mentoring training. 
While applying, please provide the following information:

  • Name of the Accredited/ Endorsed/ Non-Accredited Training Center that delivered the Program
  • Name of the Mentor Training Program 
  • Number of Mentoring Training Hours
  • Mode of the Program
  • Program Start Date
  • Program End Date
  • Instructor’s Name
  • Instructor’s Email
  • For evidence of completing 50 mentoring training hours, please upload a certificate of completion or letter from the training organization indicating the program’s name, dates of attendance, and total training hours completed. 

Mentoring Experience:

To be eligible for the IMC-CMM credential, mentors must complete at least one full cycle of their Certified Professional Mentor (CPM) credential to be eligible to apply as Certified Master Mentors. 

Mentors are required to start and complete a minimum of ten mentoring engagements before applying. Applicants must submit letters or emails verifying five of the ten requiredmentoring engagements to prove the same. The reference letter can be sent by the mentee, their manager, or an authorized organization representative.

The letter should contain the following information (unless bound by a confidentiality agreement)

  • Name of the mentor 
  • Name of the mentee
  • Email address of the mentee
  • Start and end date of the mentoring relationship

If applicants cannot provide a reference letter or email, they must submit the details below. Please know that the IMC may contact them to verify.  

For 5 References that are required, please provide:

  • Name of the mentee
  • Email address of the mentee
  • Start and end date of the mentoring relationship

Also, mention whether the mentoring engagement was an internal mentoring conducted at work or an external engagement.

Declaration of Continuous Learning and Development:

IMC requires applicants to provide a declaration of continuous learning and development; as such, a requirement is the details about mentoring supervision. 

Mentoring Supervision

Applicants for the IMC-CMM are required to establish a supervision relationship with someone from whom they can seek support when needed.

A mentor supervisor is a trusted partner in a mentoring journey. Supervisors extend their support through dialogue, reflection, and a safe space for guidance. A supervisor is a practicing mentor and has relevant experience. Supervisor must be aware of IMC’s Mentoring Definition, Core Competencies, and Code of Ethics to ensure that mentoring development is aligned with IMC standards.

A mentor must complete 5 mentoring supervision sessions every year (required for credential renewals) and declare the supervisor’s information in the application. Please provide the following information for mentoring supervision:

  • Name of the supervisor
  • Email address
  • Address
  • The Supervision focus area. This can be in mentoring skills development, domain knowledge development, or both.

What is the Fee Structure and Validity?

The credential application fee is 450 USD if you are an IMC member. The application fee for Non-Members is 598 USD. The credential’s validity extends to two years from the date of issue. 

How Do You Apply for CMM Credential?

We will guide you through the application process for CMM credentials. Given below are the steps for the same:

Request Application: Request the application form for the CMM credential and complete the payment.

Apply for the Credential: After payment processing, you will receive confirmation and the support team will email you with further details on the process.

Application Review: We assess your application, which takes 4 to 10 weeks depending on whether the training was received from Accredited/ Endorsed/ Non-Accredited. While reviewing the references, we will contact them to verify your mentoring experience. We may also contact you for further details if necessary.

How Would I Know if I Got Approved?

You will receive an email from IMC on the status of your application for Certified Master Mentor. As a paid member of IMC, your badges will be displayed on your IMC Mentor Profile on the website. 

Apply to Become a Certified Master Mentor

Becoming an IMC-Certified Mentor puts you ahead of the competition. It highlights your mentoring experience and compliance with the global mentoring standard. At IMC, your mentoring experience can help you advance your professional and personal development.

Credentialing Support

If you require any further information on the application process, please feel free to contact the credentialing support team with your queries.