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Shine the spotlight on your mentoring profession by being an IMC-Credentialed Mentor. Get ironclad credibility that will boost your professional mentoring career to new heights. 

From Good to the Best: IMC-Credentials can Take you There

Are you an HR professional who loves to see people grow and develop?

Are you an IT professional with people development as part of your role?

Are you an educator who helps people beyond just imparting knowledge?

Are you in sales or marketing, where you frequently need to enhance your team’s tech skills?

Are you looking for a career progression where you will manage people?

Are you looking to elevate your career, change its trajectory, and more?

Or are you someone with a passion for helping people?


International Mentoring Center (IMC) creates the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your mentoring skills at every point of your career path. It can be the catalyst that speeds up your career path and sets you apart from the rest of your peers.

Earning an IMC Credential Badge is a testament to your unwavering dedication and commitment to mentoring. Earning IMC credentials of CAM, CPM, or CPM proves that the applicant has sufficient experience and proven mentoring skills to demonstrate IMC Core Competencies and abides by the IMC code of ethics. It also expands your networking opportunities within the mentoring community and beyond.

The journey to obtaining this credential is thorough and demanding, as each mentor must meet the rigorous benchmarks established. This ensures the highest quality of mentoring and adherence to global mentoring standards. IMC is here to connect you to a global community of mentors who can help you grow and discover chances to share your knowledge.

Become IMC Credentialed to grow as a mentor and impact the community in the best way possible.

Mentoring -
The Career Catalyst

Mentoring has established itself as an essential skill for career development in today’s professional world. Mentorship appears at position #1 on the top 10 list of LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report of 2023. Mentoring positively impacts individuals and organizations regarding career trajectories, subject expertise, and self-confidence.

Maximize your Impact as a Mentor and Fulfill your Professional Potential through Mentoring

IMC Credentials Benefits

Earning an IMC Credential Badge is a powerful career accelerator. This badge demonstrates your commitment to the mentoring profession and the standards set by IMC for mentors. Since mentoring is an essential skill in the professional field, it opens doors to advanced roles and positions you as a leader in your field.

Being listed on the IMC Mentor Directory offers unparalleled visibility. As a credential holder, you can display your credentials, experience, and expertise to a global audience, including potential mentees and professional collaborators. It’s a platform for you to highlight your mentoring philosophy, achievements, and how you can contribute to others’ growth. 

The IMC Credential Badge can be displayed on professional networking sites like LinkedIn and job portals like Indeed. This enhances your profile’s credibility and appeal. This digital badge marks distinction and signals your expertise, dedication, and professional development in the mentoring profession. 

IMC offers a variety of credentials tailored to different stages of your mentoring journey and career goals. IMC provides guidance to help you select the credential that aligns best with your aspirations and areas of interest. These can help you choose the right credentials to boost your career at every stage. 

By being an IMC-credentialed mentor, your mentees have trust and proof of your credibility as a mentor who adheres to the only global standards set in mentoring. It enables you to maximize your impact and fulfill your professional potential. It’s an effective way to differentiate yourself and showcase your commitment to mentoring excellence. 

Members of the IMC enjoy exclusive discounts on credential application fees. This benefit makes it more accessible for you to obtain and maintain your credentials, ensuring you can continue demonstrating your commitment to the highest mentoring standards. Employers and peers recognize your dedication, setting you apart in a competitive job market. 

Enhance your IMC profile by highlighting your unique mentoring experience. Improve it with engaging videos that showcase your mentoring method, include social media for engagement, promote future events you attend, and more. Create a dynamic and engaging online presence that showcases your mentorship expertise.

As an IMC credentialed mentor, you will have exclusive access to your credentials badge, representing your dedication to mentorship excellence. You can display it across your digital profiles on your personal website, business cards, emails, blogs, and other marketing channels to demonstrate your credibility as a mentor.

IMC Credentials

Certified Associate Mentor

Certified Professional Mentor - International Mentoring Center

Certified Professional Mentor

Certified Master Mentor