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Tangible Proof of Your Mentoring Credibility

IMC Digital Badges are tangible proof of your mentoring excellence and credibility for mentors and mentoring training centers delivering IMC-accredited mentoring programs.

Be Credentialed in the Essential Skill - Mentoring

Mentoring is a skill that always plays a significant role in driving change and will continue to do so. IMC empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to evolve and maximize their potential through the transformative power of mentoring, enabling them to deliver exceptional value in every facet of their pursuits.

As the global benchmark in mentoring excellence, IMC’s credentials and accreditation are prestigious endorsements of your proficiency in mentoring. IMC awards these distinctions to individuals and institutions meeting the stringent standards the International Mentoring Center sets forth and upholds. 

International Mentoring Centre (IMC)

What is an IMC Digital Badge?

It’s your exclusive digital badge of honor, presented by Certifier and reserved for IMC mentors and members. These badges aren’t just digital images—they represent a world of possibilities.

Certifier takes care of data privacy and GDPR compliance, ensuring your peace of mind while you focus on what matters most—your success. IMC digital badges showcase the skills and qualifications you’ve earned as an esteemed member or mentor of the IMC community. With clear earning criteria, members and employers can trust that IMC badge earners have demonstrated the skills and actions needed to excel in mentoring and beyond.

But it’s not just about the badge but what it represents. IMC Digital Badges offer:

Accessibility and Portability: Easily accessible and highly portable, IMC digital credentials allow you to showcase your achievements far and wide.

Motivation and Recognition: Achieving a digital badge is more than just a checkbox—it’s a testament to your hard work and dedication, boosting motivation and confidence.

By leveraging these advantages, badge earners elevate their own prospects while enhancing IMC’s reputation as a premier mentoring community. Once you’ve earned your badge, the possibilities are endless. The IMC digital badge gives you a certificate that can be accessed from your Certifier account. Share it proudly on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or via email. Download it as an image to use anywhere, or include it in your email signature, resume, and more.

Explore IMC Digital Badges

At IMC, we offer a diverse range of badges to recognize your achievements and affiliations.

International Mentoring Center Member

IMC Membership

As an IMC member, you gain exclusive access to our vibrant mentor community. Showcase your membership status proudly with our official IMC Membership badge. Once you become a member, head to the Certifier website to claim your badge.

Certified Associate Mentor (CAM) - International Mentoring Center

IMC Credentials

We award IMC Credentials to mentors who meet our rigorous standards and requirements. These credentials, including Certified Associate Mentor, Certified Professional Mentor, and Certified Master Mentor, signify varying levels of expertise and experience in the field. Each credential recognizes our mentors’ unique skills and qualifications, ensuring excellence in mentoring practice.

Accredited Training Center Membership - IMC

IMC Accreditation

IMC Accreditation badges serve as digital symbols of achievement, accessible through platforms like Certifier. By displaying these badges, training centers can effectively showcase their accreditation status, further enhancing their reputation and credibility in the field of mentorship education.

What is the validity of the digital badges?

IMC digital badges are valid for two years from the date of issuance. The review process typically takes two to six weeks after your application is submitted.

Need more information about badges?

Explore the Certifier website for comprehensive insights into badge features and functionalities.