International Mentoring Center


Set up the
Corporate Ladder for your Team

Empower your team’s career journey by incorporating mentoring, a proven personal and professional growth strategy. With guidance and support from experienced mentors, individuals can navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve lasting success.

Empowering Your Team’s Mentoring Journey

The International Mentoring Center (IMC) sets the global standards of mentoring based on the foundation of mentoring expertise and experience. With an organizational membership, you can engage with the mentoring community, access exclusive resources to evolve your team’s skills, and make a profound impact.

By being a part of IMC, you align with the pinnacle of mentoring and contribute to upholding globally recognized standards in mentoring. IMC welcomes all organizations to become corporate members with IMC and be part of this transformative journey.

Why Become a
Corporate Member with IMC

All organizations looking to provide their employees with IMC’s mentoring resources and corporates looking to help their teams advance in their careers through IMC Credentials can benefit from IMC Organization Membership. 

As a member, your team would have access to:

IMC Events can expand your mentoring connections and network for your organization and team.

Discounts on IMC credential applications for your team members.

Exclusive mentoring resources to help your team be connected to the mentoring industry.

Get your corporate organization showcased on IMC Mentor Directory

Enjoy global visibility with IMC membership badge

Personalize your IMC Mentor Profile and highlight your organization’s achievements and expertise in the field.

Fee structure

IMC offers your organization a tailored package that can meet your team’s specific requirements for your organization. You can elevate your organization’s credibility and visibility and your team’s career opportunities. Contact us to discuss the fee structure.

Access to IMC badge

Being a member of IMC gives you access to this badge, which can be used on your websites or other resources to increase your visibility among your competition.