International Mentoring Center


Mentoring Education that Speaks Quality

IMC offers accreditations to your institution or training center that indicates your commitment to mentoring and how you uphold the IMC standards in mentoring. 

Credibility that Establishes Your Skills and Programs 

International Mentoring Center (IMC) is your way to establish credibility for your high-quality mentoring education. Receiving an IMC Accreditation sets your institution apart from the rest for your mentoring training programs.

Earning a training accreditation or an endorsed training accreditation signals that the material and content of your program adhere to the highest global standards in mentoring set by IMC. It also indicated that programs and courses given by your center follow the carefully researched core competencies and code of ethics and conduct established by IMC. Being recognized as an accredited center opens up your business to a wider network and puts you at the forefront as a contender in the industry.

Types of Accreditation 

We offer two types of accreditation for mentoring training centers with various training capacities.

Training Accreditation

This is for institutions that provide 20-hour, 35-hour, or 50-hour training models that qualify students for Certified Associate Mentor (CAM), Certified Professional Mentor (CPM), and Certified Master Mentor (CMM), respectively. The awarded accreditations make the training center eligible to offer programs and certificates with the IMC accreditation badge.

Endorsed Training Accreditation

This is for any training center that provides less than 20 hours of training programs. Training courses can be accredited based on their adherence to IMC’s Code of Conduct, Ethics, and Core Competencies. The awarded accreditation makes the center eligible to offer endorsed training programs to CAM, CPM, and CMM credential holders.

Ready to Become Accredited?

Earn your accreditation, boost your credibility, and strengthen your network. Your mentoring education excellence can make a positive impact.