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Amplify your Organization’s Mentoring Strength with IMC Accreditation.

Obtain an IMC Accreditation for your Organization

Securing the exclusive International Mentoring Center (IMC) accreditation will enhance your organization’s standing. This prestigious recognition bolsters your credibility and commitment to excellence and opens doors to unique development and recognition opportunities.

What makes Accreditation a Crucial Step for your Organization?


Accreditation lends better credibility to your company’s mentoring training initiatives, instilling trust by demonstrating compliance with established IMC standards for effectiveness and quality.

Quality Control

Accreditation ensures that your mentoring program’s content, delivery, and outcomes meet predefined IMC standards, guaranteeing high-quality, consistent training experiences for your team.


IMC accreditation opens doors to networking, collaboration, and partnership opportunities within the mentoring community, enhancing your organization’s recognition and connections.

Competitive Advantage

Accreditation provides a distinct edge to your mentoring training programs, showcasing your commitment to delivering exceptional mentoring education and development services.

Employee Development

Invest in your employees’ growth and advancement through valuable training initiatives, underscoring your dedication to fostering their professional development and success.

How do you Get Accreditation for your Organization?

Training Requirements

You can get a training accreditation or an endorsed training accreditation. This means that, as an organization, you can opt to provide a full mentoring skills program with more than 20 hours of training or short mentoring programs with less than 20 hours. 

To be eligible for accreditation, organizations must deliver programs that provide mentoring skills, domain or knowledge development. Each program’s curriculum must include:

IMC’s Definition of Mentoring

IMC Code of Conduct and Ethics

IMC Core Competencies 

The programs must provide participants with the necessary skills for each credential and ensure that the trainer is the primary mentor supervisor for at least a year. 

The validity of all IMC credentials is two years from the date of issue. After which, for renewal, a credential holder must fulfill these requirements with the help of endorsed training hours:

Completion of at least 20 hours of endorsed training, which includes:

A minimum of three IMC core competencies in the curriculum  

Resource or Professional Development must be the remaining hours 

During the application renewal for a credential, mentoring programs or endorsed training programs attended after the initial date of the credential will only be considered. 

Application Process

The IMC’s accreditation review process is a thorough and rigorous review of mentoring education programs’ quality and standards. Our goal is to ensure accredited training centers maintain the highest standards in mentoring education.

Accreditation application review takes approximately four to six weeks.

Section 1: Organization and Compliance Details

Section 2: Program Governance Policy

Section 3: Program Details 

Section 4: Instructor Details

Section 5: Participant references 

If you need additional clarification on the process, please contact us.

Following a successful review, you’ll receive an email notification confirming your IMC accreditation status and a media kit to display your accreditation. The accreditation remains valid for two years from the date of issuance.

Are You Ready for Accreditation?

Demonstrate your commitment to the highest global standard of mentoring education. To get started, send us a request for the IMC Accreditation Application. As soon as our team receives it, we will send comprehensive details about payment and the application process.