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Elevating Mentoring to Highest Standards Internationally

About International Mentoring Center (IMC)

International Mentoring Center (IMC) is the largest organization for Professional Mentoring Memberships, Credentials & Accreditation.

International Mentoring Center (IMC) is the only leading global authority in mentoring, committed to advancing the mentoring profession and education. IMC is promoting the growth of mentorship through individual certification for professional mentors, organization accreditation, and building a community of mentors and mentoring resources.

What Happens at International Mentoring Center (IMC)?

Mentoring had always existed as a practice but didn’t emerge as a distinct profession until the mid-21st century, when a group of people realized that an evolving world would need this skill.

Mentoring is a skill that has always played a significant role in driving change, and it will continue to do so. Mentoring is now an essential skill to help individuals, teams, and organizations evolve and deliver value.

International Mentoring Center (IMC) is committed to promoting the growth of mentoring skills within individuals and organizations worldwide. IMC sets the highest standards for mentoring education centers and their practitioners and builds a worldwide network of credentialed and member mentors.

IMC Credentials and Accreditations follow stringent criteria and standards, demonstrating commitment and accountability to the IMC mentoring guidelines. IMC has set up the IMC Code of Ethics, so all IMC members can embrace and respect ethical principles when mentoring.

As an IMC member, your digital badge is a testament to your professional competence and that you embrace the standards set for mentoring. Becoming an IMC Member is one of the many ways to showcase your dedication to continuous learning and development through mentoring. It’s a tangible assurance that you are at the forefront of the mentoring excellence set by IMC. As a member, your badge can be highlighted in your profile to show your clients and students that you have iron-clad credibility that meets the highest standards internationally in mentoring.

Be a Part of the Highest Standard Internationally for Mentoring

Joining IMC means aligning with the pinnacle of mentoring standards, engaging in growth through shared knowledge, and contributing to a legacy of excellence in mentorship. Join us to stretch yourselves and others through mentoring. Together, we can uphold mentoring standards and make your mentoring journey worth every minute.