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Choose the Path that Uplifts You

The mentoring training that you have received can forge the application path to help you earn your IMC credential.

How can the Application Path help?

IMC understands that mentoring training can be achieved in multiple ways, and continuous mentoring development is part of the mentor mindset. We have outlined 3 different training application paths that can help you while applying for your IMC credentials. Whether you’ve received your training from IMC accredited training centers, received multiple mentoring certifications through endorsed training programs, or earned certifications from other recognized training organizations, IMC offers different application paths to highlight your mentoring skills beyond anything else.

Application Paths

IMC offers different paths to apply for credentials based on the training you have received and the length of your experience. These are the various application paths:

Accredited Training Path

This is a path for mentors who have completed their mentoring education or training from an IMC-accredited training provider. IMC accredited training providers offer mentoring training programs that last 20 hours or more. For such applicants, the mentoring certification received upon program completion can be submitted as evidence for your mentoring training. Being IMC accredited reassures us that your education and training meet the IMC standards and follow the Core Competencies, IMC mentoring definition, values, and Code of Ethics.

Endorsed Training Path

Endorsed training providers offer short, IMC-approved training courses for mentors’ professional development. Each course is less than 20 hours long. Due to the short nature of the courses, mentors who follow this application path must submit multiple certificates to meet the required training hours. These courses can be used to fulfill credential renewal requirements as well.

Non Accredited Training Path

IMC understands that mentors have a learning mindset and may have completed training from various providers who may not have IMC accreditations. However, these courses might cover competencies and enhance mentors’ knowledge of the industry or domain. Mentors who choose this path can send in certifications from a non-accredited training provider. Some of the frequent requests we receive are from the following training providers:

  • Training for Mentoring Skills 
    • EMCC Accredited Trainings
    • CCE-accredited BCC designation training
    • ABNLP approved training
    • ICF-accredited coach training
    • Association for Coaching (AoC)
    • I-L-M approved Mentoring training
  • Mentors’ Industry-related Training 
    • PMI approved Training
    • SHRM certification training
    • CIPD

If you have additional certifications that support mentoring and mentor-related training, please feel free to share them with us, and our team will review them and consider the same for your credentials.

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