International Mentoring Center


Reflect and Interact with your Mentor Supervisor

Become a better mentor by reflecting and growing with mentoring supervision. 

What is Mentoring Supervision?

Mentoring supervision is an interactive, confidential, and supportive learning and development relationship for mentors. Supervision focuses on professional proficiency, mentoring standards and creative thinking for mentors through reflective dialogue and expert exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Mentoring supervision is an ongoing nurturing relationship between a mentor and a supervisor that enhances the mentoring practices of the mentor as they navigate through their journey of mentoring. 

Who is a Mentor Supervisor?

A mentor supervisor is a trusted partner in a mentoring journey. Supervisors extend their support through dialogue, reflection, and a safe space for guidance. A supervisor is a practicing mentor and has relevant experience. Supervisor must be aware of IMC’s Mentoring Definition, Core Competencies, and Code of Ethics to ensure that mentoring development is aligned with IMC standards.

IMC Requirement of Mentoring Supervision

International Mentoring Center recognizes the crucial role of continuous development for a mentor. This anchors our standards for mentors seeking to renew their credentials. To fulfill the standard, a credentialed mentor must seek 5 mentoring supervision sessions every year to be eligible for renewal during the current cycle of credentials.