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International Mentoring Center (IMC)

Setting the Highest Standard Internationally For Mentoring

International Mentoring Centre (IMC) sets the highest standard internationally for mentoring. The foundation of our platform stands on our rich experience in mentoring. We outline the highest standards to ensure that your mentoring journey brings out the best in your efforts.

International Mentoring Centre (IMC)

Why Become a Member at IMC?

Our Mission

To advance the mentoring industry by setting the highest standards in mentoring practice and education through research insights and findings.

International Mentoring Center Mission

Engage, Evolve, and Impact

Engage with a community of industry leaders and like-minded professionals.
Evolve your expertise through peer exchanges and exclusive resources available to our members.
Impact lives with your knowledge and experience that extends to our members. 

Remarkable Benefits for Members

As a member at IMC, you get exclusive opportunities like:

Spotlighting Your Profile in the IMC Mentor Directory, enhancing your visibility and influence.
Exclusive Discounts on all certifications provided by IMC.
Complimentary Free Access to all IMC events, fostering unparalleled networking opportunities.

IMC Membership - Remarkable Benefits for Members

IMC Membership Fee

Our membership is priced at 175 USD for individual members. Our memberships renew annually, ensuring continuous access to valuable resources and connections.

We offer group membership for corporates and institutions where the cost is tailored to fit the needs of your team.

Membership Highlights

Personalize your IMC profile with videos, social media, upcoming events, and much more.

Get showcased on our IMC Mentor Directory and our website.

Mentees have direct access to connect with you on your IMC profile.

Enjoy benefits for discounted certificates and complimentary entry to all IMC-hosted events.

Become a Member Today!

Join our community to immerse yourself in mentoring, engage with a bigger network, and have a stronger impact. These are the membership options that we offer: 

International Mentoring Center Member


Cost only 175 USD annually. Manage all your mentoring needs with access to unlimited chats, resources, and more to help you with your mentoring journey.

Accredited Training Center Membership - IMC

Accredited Training Center Membership

Unlock exclusive benefits for your students as an IMC Accredited Training Center. Get discounted access to individual memberships for your students now.

Corporate Member - IMC (International Mentoring Center)


We offer you a tailored package that can meet the needs of your team for corporations or institutions. Elevate your team’s potential with exclusive discounts on certificates and resources. 

Have Questions about Joining IMC? Contact Us!

Do you have more questions for us? Our team is ready to help you out. Contact us and we can walk you through the process. 

Have Questions about Joining IMC?

Be a Part of the Highest Standard Internationally for Mentoring

Joining IMC means aligning with the pinnacle of mentoring standards, engaging in growth through shared knowledge, and contributing to a legacy of excellence in mentorship. Join us to be a part of the highest standards internationally set for mentoring at IMC. Together we can uphold the mentoring standards and make your mentoring journey worth every minute. 

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