International Mentoring Center


IMC’s Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

“Our mission is to propel the mentoring industry forward by establishing the highest standards in mentoring practices and education, underpinned by cutting-edge research insights and findings.”

Our Vision

“To make the world a better place through the power of mentoring.”

What is International Mentoring Center?

The International Mentoring Center (IMC) is the leading global authority and largest organization dedicated to professional mentoring. By offering memberships, credentials, and accreditation, we are committed to advancing the mentoring profession and enriching education in the mentoring field.

How does IMC help Mentorship?

IMC recognizes and understands the transformative power of mentoring and empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to harness this power to create a positive impact. IMC leads the way in expanding mentorship by providing individual certification for professional mentors, accrediting organizations, and nurturing a vibrant community of mentors, alongside a plethora of mentoring resources.

As the global standard for mentoring excellence, IMC’s credentials and accreditation signify outstanding proficiency in mentoring. We grant these credentials to individuals and institutions, ensuring adherence to IMC’s stringent standards, IMC Code of Ethics, Core Competencies, and IMC’s Definition of Mentoring.

What are the IMC Values?

The IMC values are a compass for mentors and mentees while navigating through the mentoring journey. They are:


We pledge to always go the extra mile, ensuring the highest quality mentoring experiences characterized by integrity and excellence.


We expand the professional mentoring community through our collective efforts, with every IMC professional driving the industry’s advancement.


By cultivating a community of professionals, we significantly impact the world.


We are dedicated to partnering with others to promote the mentoring profession and industry, advancing our shared goals together.


We commit to continuous learning and development to build industry knowledge and enhance mentoring skills.


 We strive to understand and empathize with others’ experiences and challenges, maintaining a non-judgmental and assumption-free stance.


We seek innovative ways to think, learn, and act in service of the global mentoring community.

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