International Mentoring Center


Stay Ahead of your
Competition as a Part of IMC

Be part of the highest standards globally in mentoring by being a part of IMC’s mentoring community. Ensure that your training center follows the pinnacle of mentoring excellence.

Empowering Your Client’s Mentoring Journey

The International Mentoring Centre (IMC) sets the global standards of mentoring based on the foundation of mentoring expertise and experience. As a training center with IMC membership, you can get global visibility, network with an international mentoring community, get access to exclusive resources for your students, and increase your impact through mentoring training. Give your clients the assurance of being a part of IMC’s Mentoring community.

Why Get a Training Center Membership with IMC

Your training center might be striving to provide the best mentoring education to your students. By being a member of IMC, you can assure your students that you align with IMC’s standards and that you can stay one step ahead of your competition.

As a member, your training center would have access to:

IMC Events can expand your mentoring connections and network within the mentoring industry.

Discounts on IMC Credential applications for your clients.

Exclusive mentoring resources are available for students to help them stay updated with the latest information in the mentoring industry.

Be showcased on IMC Training Center Directory.

Enjoy global visibility with IMC Membership badge.

Highlight your center’s or institute’s achievements and expertise in the mentoring field.

Fee structure

Avail your IMC membership for 250 USD annually. As an IMC Accredited Training Center or an Endorsed Training Center, you can grant your clients access to exclusive benefits. Give your clients discounted access to individual memberships.

Global visibility with IMC badge

As an IMC member, You can use this badge on your websites or other resources to stand out from the competition.