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Advance your Mentoring Education to New Heights

Advance and stay current with mentoring skills and development to provide better mentoring education. Retain recognition for your mentoring education development with IMC accreditation renewal.

Why Proceed with Accreditation Renewal?

Staying ahead of mentoring industry trends is crucial to delivering a top-notch curriculum to our mentoring education clients. This commitment means that we require continuous renewal of your program curriculum. We firmly believe that ongoing revisions are essential for maintaining the highest standards in mentoring education, aligning with the global benchmarks set by IMC. To ensure adherence to this principle, we conduct regular and thorough assessments of your policies, program curriculums, and accompanying documentation submitted during the accreditation process. Renewing your organization’s accreditation underscores your dedication to upholding mentoring standards and signals to the industry that you are equipped to deliver cutting-edge mentoring education.

What is the Process for Accreditation Renewal?

Your accreditation is valid for two years from the initial accreditation application date. Every year after the initial application, IMC conducts a quality assessment to ensure that the quality and standards for mentoring education are maintained and that the mentoring skills and domain knowledge passed on to the clients are top-notch each year. 

For the quality assessment, we review your training center’s program details, instructor details, participant details, and program structure (if you are an Endorsed Training provider). During this review, you are encouraged to mention any changes made to the program curriculum. The center must also submit five student references for the quality assessment. Our team may contact you for any additional information or clarification. The updates will be sent via email.

The validity of any IMC Accreditation for the training program is two years. The team reviews the content of your program, materials, and other resources, including the website, to ensure it meets the renewal requirements mentioned above. 

Payment Structure For Renewal

The membership fee for all training centers is 500 USD, and it is renewed annually. The renewal fee for Accredited Training Provider and Endorsed Training Provider is 750 USD and is renewed every two years.

Apply for Accreditation Renewal

Show your continuous commitment to mentoring education by renewing your accreditation.