International Mentoring Center


Lead the Mentoring Initiatives in your Area

Join the International Mentoring Center as a chapter leader in your city and collaborate with aspiring mentors and mentees to foster the growth of global mentoring initiatives. We are eager for you to delve into our established mentoring model and become a part of our global network. At the International Mentoring Center, we are dedicated to mentoring to drive positive change in the world.

Who can Become a Chapter Leader?

The ideal candidate for the International Mentoring Center is a beacon of mentorship with a wealth of experience and a track record of community leadership. They are not just a part of the global IMC ecosystem but active contributors, eager to share their time and expertise to nurture budding mentors in their area. 


You are a seasoned mentor with a Certified Professional Mentor (CPM) credential, sought after by aspiring mentors for guidance and support.

Global Community Leader

You thrive on organizing and facilitating events, meetups, or conferences focused on mentorship and innovation for your locale. You are deeply involved in initiatives that foster the growth of the global mentoring community.


You are adept at growing the network of mentor relationships and leveraging them to support you and your chapter community at the International Mentoring Center.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Chapter Leader?

As a Chapter leader with IMC, you receive multiple benefits some of which are listed below:


As a Chapter Leader at the International Mentoring Center, you become a representative of your local mentoring ecosystem and gain recognition, credibility, and visibility. 


Connect yourself with a vast network of global mentors. With fellow leaders in every corner of the globe, you have a support system to aid your own mentoring endeavors.

Mentorship Opportunities

You have the privilege of mentoring aspiring mentors and mentees in your local ecosystem, guiding them through the early stages of their ventures. 

How Do I Become a Chapter Leader?

If you’re considering becoming a chapter leader at IMC, we encourage you to contact us. We can provide you with more specific information on the duties and responsibilities of the role and would love to speak with you in-depth about how you can support our global mentoring initiatives.