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Join the membership to get discounts on credentials, access mentoring resources and templates, and engage with an international mentoring community.


Obtain the CAM, CPM, or CPM Credentials from IMC to advance in your career and increase your credibility as a mentor.


Obtaining IMC accreditation for your training facility or organization can help you gain international recognition and optimize your mentoring impact.

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Display your commitment to employee learning and development by getting an IMC Accreditation for your organization.

Opportunities as a Member of IMC USA

Our goal is to grow our mentoring network both locally and internationally, with an emphasis on strengthening our reach in the United States of America. We are inviting anyone who is enthusiastic about participating in a USA-based network of mentors and mentees to become a member of the IMC USA chapter.

Those who want to help the IMC USA branch can do so in various ways, including volunteering in the community or taking on leadership roles in the local chapter in the US.

As a chapter leader, you have the opportunity to mentor others and make a significant contribution to the mentoring community in the USA. Chapter leaders are given specific IMC materials to help them with their roles and responsibilities and Mentor Development Credits (MDC), which are required to renew their IMC Credentials.

Please get in touch with our IMC USA chapter’s community management staff to learn more.

IMC United States of America Region

Enrich your mentoring journey by becoming a part of the IMC mentoring community in your locality in the USA. This is your chance to use your industry knowledge and domain expertise to create and expand your influence for the benefit of the community. You have the opportunity to get more involved in your local mentoring community through the IMC USA region chapter.

Being a part of IMC gives you access to the IMC ecosystem and, therefore, the mentoring certifications, mentoring credentials, mentoring accreditations, introducing mentoring in the organization, becoming a member, and accessing IMC membership benefits and discounts.

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