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International Mentoring Center (IMC) UAE Region

Join the IMC mentoring network in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to improve your mentoring experience and develop as a mentor. This is your chance to increase your influence and make a positive impact in the community by sharing your experience and industry knowledge. 

Through the International Mentoring Center (IMC) UAE chapter, you can get more involved in your local mentoring community. Membership with IMC provides access to an extensive ecosystem of mentoring credentials, certifications, and accreditations. It also enables you to integrate mentoring into your organisation, enjoy membership benefits, and save on various offerings.

Opportunities as a Member of IMC UAE

Join us in expanding the mentoring network both locally and globally, with Dubai and Abu Dhabi as key emphasis regions in the UAE. The IMC UAE Region invites you to collaborate with us to create a network of mentors dedicated to using mentoring to advance the welfare of society. There are several chances to volunteer with the International Mentoring Center (IMC) UAE region, this includes heading a local chapter in UAE or participating in community events. Mentors and mentees learn new skills, form lasting relationships, and have an immense positive effect on their communities.

As a chapter leader, you will impact the mentoring community by organizing events and other community-led activities for the International Mentoring Centre (IMC) in the UAE. IMC will recognize your efforts in establishing mentoring programs, partnering with other volunteers, and boosting community involvement, and you will be eligible for Mentor Development Credits (MDCs) each time you renew your credentials.

As a leader, you have access to exclusive IMC content that will assist you in your role as IMC UAE region leader, as well as your professional and personal development through mentoring and certifications. This allows you to have an impact on the UAE’s regional mentoring community.

Please contact the IMC UAE community management team for more information about joining IMC UAE or to express your interest in becoming a local chapter leader.

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