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International Mentoring Center (IMC) South Africa Region

Join the IMC mentoring network in your region of South Africa to enhance your mentoring journey. This is your opportunity to expand your influence and make a positive impact with mentoring in your local community by sharing your domain expertise and industry experience. Through the IMC South Africa chapter, you can get more involved in your local mentoring community. Membership with IMC provides access to an extensive ecosystem of mentoring certifications, IMC credentials, and IMC accreditations. IMC can help you integrate mentoring into your organisation, and thus help your employees in their careers. Join IMC to enjoy membership benefits and discounts on credentials.

Opportunities as a Member of IMC South Africa

Join us to expand a mentoring network both domestically and globally, focusing on areas like Johannesburg and Cape Town. The International Mentoring Center (IMC) South Africa Region invites you to join us in building a network of mentors committed to using mentoring to drive social progress and well-being. There are multiple ways to volunteer with the IMC South Africa region that can help the community get to a better position. By leading a local chapter or participating in community events, you can help your community through mentoring. It’s more than just giving back; mentors and mentees gain new mentoring skills, build meaningful connections, and make a significant impact in your community.

As a chapter leader, you will impact the mentoring community by planning events and other community-led activities for the International Mentoring Centre (IMC) in South Africa. IMC will recognize your efforts in setting up mentoring programs, partnering with other volunteers, and boosting community involvement, and you will be eligible for Mentor Development Credits (MDCs) whenever you renew your credentials.

As a leader, you have access to exclusive IMC content that will assist you in your role as IMC South Africa region leader and your personal and professional growth through mentoring skills and certifications. This gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the regional mentoring community in South Africa

For further information or to express your interest, please contact the community management team of our IMC South Africa region.

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