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Join IMC in Qatar for exclusive membership benefits, including discounts on credentials, access to mentoring materials and templates, and a global network of mentors. Become a member today!

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Obtaining IMC CAM, CPM, or CMM credentials can boost your career and establish you as a recognized mentor. Begin your application now to gain credibility and recognition in the mentoring field.

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Maximize the impact of your mentoring programs with IMC accreditation in Qatar. Achieve international recognition and excellence. Start your journey today.

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Show your commitment to employee development and learning by applying for IMC accreditation for your organization in Qatar. Get accredited today!

International Mentoring Center (IMC) Qatar Region

Be part of a community in Qatar that believes in the importance of mentorship. This is your chance to get connected with your Qatar community. Becoming a member of IMC will give you access to resources, opportunities for networking, and professional development activities. Use your volunteer time and mentoring abilities to develop the mentoring ecosystem within Qatar. In IMC-Qatar, you can be a chapter leader or participate in organizing local events.

Joining IMC enables access to a wide range of mentorship credentials, certifications, accreditations, and discounts. Introduce a mentor certification program for your team and use the limitless resources provided by an IMC membership to drive mentoring in your organization.

Opportunities as a Member of IMC Qatar

Join hands with us and help expand the local and global mentoring network by focusing on major localities like Doha and Al Rayyan. Please join the IMC Qatar Region network of mentors interested in mentoring for societal progress. Volunteer opportunities range from leading local chapters to participating in community activities. Mentoring offers a wealth of skills, relationships, and community impact.

As a Chapter Leader, you will organize events and programs at the International Mentoring Center (IMC) in Qatar. Launching such mentorship programs, building partnerships, or engaging more with your communities earns you recognition plus qualification for Mentor Development Credits (MDCs) on renewal of your credential.

Being at the helm of IMC Qatar allows someone to have access to exclusive content meant for personal and professional growth only. Don’t miss out on this chance to increase your influence within the regional mentor community.

For further details about becoming a chapter leader or to learn more about IMC Qatar kindly contact our dedicated Community Management Team for Qatar through their office contacts.

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