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Obtaining IMC CAM, CPM, or CMM credentials will help you progress in your profession and establish yourself as a credible mentor. Start your application now.

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International Mentoring Center (IMC) Philippines Region

Join the IMC network to join the vibrant mentoring community in the Philippines. Join in to enhance your mentoring journey and make a positive impact on your community by sharing your expertise and insights. The International Mentoring Center (IMC) Philippines ecosystem provides you access to a variety of mentoring credentials, mentoring certifications, accreditations, and exclusive discounts. You can also incorporate mentoring into your organization to offer valuable mentoring certifications to your employees.

Opportunities as a Member of IMC Philippines

Join us in expanding the mentoring network locally and globally, with a focus on key cities like Manila, Cebu, and Davao. The IMC Philippines Region is inviting you to collaborate in establishing a network of mentors dedicated to driving societal progress through mentoring. Mentoring provides invaluable skills, relationships, and the ability to make a meaningful impact on communities for both mentors and mentees. There are various volunteer opportunities available, so you can extend your help to the community and hone your mentoring skills. Some of these include the opportunity to lead local chapters and participate in community events held in your locality. 

As a chapter leader, your responsibilities include organizing events and mentoring activities for the International Mentoring Center (IMC) in the Philippines. Leading the IMC Philippines region gives you access to exclusive content for personal and professional growth. Your efforts spent in starting mentoring programs, building partnerships, and enhancing community involvement will be acknowledged, and you will be eligible for Mentor Development Credits (MDCs) when renewing your credentials. Seize the opportunity to increase your influence within the regional mentoring community.

For more information on how to become a chapter leader or to learn more about IMC Philippines, please contact our dedicated community management team for the Philippines.

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