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Join the IMC membership in Oman to receive special perks. Avail discounts, mentoring materials, templates, and access to a global mentor network. Become a member today.

IMC Credential

IMC CAM, CPM, or CMM credentials will boost your professional status and enable you to become a credible mentor. Start your application now.

IMC Accreditation

IMC accreditation can boost your international recognition, enhance mentoring program effectiveness, and show your commitment to mentoring. Earn your accreditation now.

Mentoring for Organizations

Foster a mentoring culture and demonstrate commitment to employee development and learning by applying for IMC accreditation. Get accredited.

International Mentoring Center (IMC) Oman Region

Join a dedicated community in Oman that believes in mentoring’s transforming potential. This is your opportunity to engage with your local community and share your knowledge. IMC membership in Oman provides information, networking opportunities, and professional development events required to succeed. Volunteer your time and skills to improve the mentoring ecosystem in Oman. At IMC Oman, you can become a chapter leader and participate in or lead local community activities.

Membership in IMC provides access to a variety of mentoring credentials, certifications, accreditations, and exclusive discounts. Start a mentoring program for your team and take advantage of the many tools available through an IMC membership to grow a mentoring culture within your organization. 

Opportunities as a Member of IMC Oman

Collaborate with us to grow the mentoring network locally and globally, emphasizing locations such as Muscat and Salalah. The IMC Oman Region invites you to join a network of mentors dedicated to advancing society through mentoring. Volunteer possibilities include leading local chapters and taking part in community events. Mentoring teaches valuable skills, builds relationships, and impacts the community.

As a chapter leader, you will plan events and activities for Oman’s International Mentoring Center. IMC will recognize your efforts to develop mentoring programs, foster collaborations, and increase community engagement, and you will be eligible for Mentor Development Credits (MDCs) during credential renewal. 

Leading the IMC Oman region gives you access to exclusive content for personal and professional development. Seize the opportunity to broaden your impact in your regional mentoring community.

If you wish to learn more about being a chapter leader or exploring IMC Oman further, please contact our dedicated community management team for IMC Oman.

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