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Be part of a network of great mentors from all over Malaysia and the world, creating valuable network to learn from and share best practices. Join us.

IMC Credential

Get your IMC credentials—CAM, CPM, CMM—internationally recognized, influencing job promotion and other career-rounding benefits. Start your application.

IMC Accreditation

Gaining IMC accreditation for your training center or organization can give you global exposure and help you maximize the power of mentoring. Get Accredited today.

Mentoring for Organizations

Organizations wanting to take their learning and development initiatives to a whole new level can now gain global recognition by becoming certified through services offered by the IMC. Apply for Accreditation.

International Mentoring Center (IMC), Malaysia Region

Be part of a passionate community in Malaysia that believes in the power of mentoring. This is your opportunity to be connected to your community in Malaysia. IMC membership provides you with the resources, networking opportunities, and professional development events to participate in. Offer your volunteer time and mentoring skills to develop the mentoring ecosystem within Malaysia. At IMC Malaysia, you would get the opportunity to become a chapter leader and lead or join local community events.

 Membership with IMC brings access to a wide range of mentoring credentials, certifications, accreditations, and dicounts. Drive mentoring within your organization by initiating a mentor certification program for your team and harnessing the boundless resources of an IMC membership.

Unlock a World of Opportunities Through IMC Membership

By joining the global community of mentors with IMC Malaysia, you can expand your social and professional network. Be mentored and have the opportunity to mentor within your field of expertise. Earn internationally recognized credentials such as CAM, CPM, or CMM, and acquire international credibility that allows you to further develop your career on the mentoring pathway. As a member, you will also enjoy the best-discounted rates on IMC credentials and events.

The IMC Malaysia Region seeks dynamic individuals looking to make a difference in society through mentoring. Volunteer now and play your part in influencing the future of mentoring in Malaysia. Organize events, workshops, and other activities through which quality mentoring can be promoted to reach your community. Share your knowledge and experience during conferences, workshops, and other opportunities to share the benefits of mentoring and inspire others with your work. 

Contact us for more information or if you would like to participate in the community management team of IMC Malaysia. Let’s build a thriving mentoring ecosystem in Malaysia together

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