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International Mentoring Center, Italy Region

Join the IMC mentoring network in Italy and enhance your mentoring experience. This is your opportunity to extend your influence and have a positive effect in the community by giving back some of your experiences and expertise in their chosen field. Get more involved in your local mentoring community through the International Mentoring Center Italy Region. You will open a wide ecosystem of mentoring credentials, certifications, and accreditations at IMC. Be prepared to participate in multiple resources available to improve your mentoring skills, plus further discounts as an IMC member. It allows you to embed mentoring into your organization, benefit from membership, and obtain discounts on credentials.

Benefits of Being a Member of IMC Italy

We look forward to growing our mentoring network internationally and within our country, with Rome and Milano being two of the areas we focus on. The IMC Italy Region welcomes you to join the network of mentors who ensure mentoring makes a positive difference in society. There are so many ways to give back to the community and locality in Italy by volunteering with the IMC Italy region. You can also become an active member by leading a local chapter and participating in community events. It’s more than giving back—mentors and mentees have new mentoring skills that enable them to gain meaningful connections and make a huge impact in their communities.

As a chapter leader, you will engage in activities for the mentoring community by organizing events and other activities led by this community for the IMC in Italy. Such efforts when setting up mentoring programs and collaboration with other volunteers in increasing community involvement are rewarded with MDCs at times of credential renewal.

As a leader, you will have access to IMC-exclusive content that will make a difference in your role as an IMC Italy region leader and in your professional and personal growth through mentoring and certifications that will help make a difference in the regional mentoring community of Italy.

Leaders should contact the IMC Italy region Community Management Team for additional information or to express interest.

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