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International Mentoring Center (IMC) Ireland Region

Join the IMC Irish Region mentoring network. Now, it’s the time to grow your influence where you’d like to positively affect change in the community by sharing your experience in your domain. Participate more in the local mentoring community through International Mentoring Center Ireland region. IMC opens up an inclusive ecosystem of mentoring credentials, certifications, and accreditations. As a member of IMC, you also get access to multiple resources that can help you improve your mentoring skills, plus discounts on credentials. IMC enables you to bring mentoring into your business and receive discounts on credentials for your employees. You can show your dedication to the continuous learning and development of your team. 

Opportunities for IMC Ireland Members

We invite you to join us in expanding the global and domestic mentoring network, including crucial places like Dublin and Cork. The IMC Ireland Region invites you to join a network of mentors dedicated to societal progress through mentoring. You can get involved with the IMC Ireland region in a variety of ways to make a positive difference in your community and locality in Ireland. You also have the opportunity to become an active member by leading a local chapter or participating in community events. It means more than just giving back; it means new mentoring skills for mentors and mentees alike, and the building of meaningful connections between people, and organizations, this can make a big difference in your community.

As a chapter leader, you will engage the mentoring community through the organization of events and other community-driven activities for the International Mentoring Centre in Ireland. Your work in establishing mentoring programs, collaboration with other volunteers, and increase of community involvement will bring recognition from IMC; hence, you will be eligible for Mentor Development Credits whenever you renew your credentials.

In addition, as a chapter leader, you will have access to special IMC content to support your role leading the IMC Ireland region and your professional and personal development with mentoring and certifications, so you can make a difference in Ireland’s regional mentoring community.

Kindly contact the IMC Ireland Region Community Management Team for further information and to express your interest.

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