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IMC Membership

With membership in IMC, you get a broad range of mentor resources and templates. Take part in the mentoring membership with the IMC Ethiopia Region and enjoy exclusive discounts for mentor credentials, mentoring certification, and mentoring accreditation.

IMC Credential

With its CAM, CPM, and CMM mentor credentials, IMC will aid you directly in boosting your career and credibility as a mentor. Grow with unlimited opportunities in your profession by getting your mentor credentials—make a difference in the mentor community.

IMC Accreditation

It provides accreditation for your mentoring education efforts and recognizes your mentoring excellence. Accreditation confirms your commitment and resolution to be an effective mentor, setting you apart in the field.

Mentoring for Organizations

Demonstrate your commitment to learning and development for your workforce. Providing mentor credentials and IMC mentoring certifications proves that your organization's mentoring programs meet the global benchmark.

International Mentoring Center (IMC) Ethiopia Region

Get engaged with the IMC mentoring network in Ethiopia to make the most of your mentoring journey. Share your expertise and upgrade your ability to add value within the community. Engage in the mentoring community in your locality with the International Mentoring Center (IMC) Ethiopia Region.

With IMC, engage in an ecosystem of mentoring credentials, mentor certifications, and accreditations. With dozens of resources, give your mentoring more support and enjoy more discounts as an IMC member. Integrate mentoring into your organization and reap the mentoring membership benefits along with the network and relationships with a huge community.

Opportunities as a Member of IMC Ethiopia

We are growing our Ethiopia-based mentoring network. Let your passion for mentoring lead you to joining the network of IMC mentors who all have one thing in common: a drive to make a difference in society. Are you looking to volunteer your time to give back within the Ethiopian region? Be a leader for opening a local chapter, attend community events, take part in learning new mentoring skills by getting mentor credentials and mentoring certifications. IMC also gives you the opportunity to form meaningful connections with people and make important contributions to the community.

As a chapter leader, you will be engaged in various activities for the mentoring community through the organization of events and activities driven by this IMC Ethopia Community. The development of mentoring programs and cooperation of other volunteers in the community to enlarge community engagement will end up in certain MDCs during renewal of credentials.

You will have access to the IMC mentoring membership, where you can develop your role as the IMC leader for one of the regions in Ethiopia to grow both professionally and personally in matters related to mentoring certifications and mentor credentials. Your participation will bring immense change to the regional community of mentors within Ethiopia and inspire growth in you to make a huge difference.

Leaders are highly encouraged to reach out to the IMC Ethiopia Region Community Management Team for further information or declaration of interest in participation.

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