International Mentoring Center


Setting the Highest Global Standard For Mentoring

The International Mentoring Center (IMC) sets the highest standard for mentoring globally. We are committed to upholding the standards based on the IMC Core Competencies and Code of Ethics and Conduct.

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    About International Mentoring Center (IMC)

    International Mentoring Center (IMC) is the leading global mentoring authority committed to advancing the mentoring profession and education. IMC promotes the growth of mentoring through credentials, accreditation, and the building of a global mentoring community.

    Why Become an IMC Member?

    Being a member of IMC gives you access to various content that can guide you toward your mentoring goal. You can access resources like templates, research papers, blogs, and videos to make mentoring effective and impactful for your network.

    Get Credentialed by IMC

    IMC creates the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your mentoring skills at every point of your career path. Earning IMC credentials of CAM, CPM, or CPM proves that the applicant has proven mentoring skills and abides by IMC Core Competencies and Code of Ethics and Conduct.